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Bako NP
Kubah NP
Tanjung Datu NP
Gunung Gading NP
Mount Santubong
Kuching Wetlands
Fairy & Wind Cave
Turtle Island
Crocodile Farm
Orang Utan Sanc.
Matang Wildlife
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Bidayuh Longhouse
Iban Longhouse
Jungle Kayaking

Hike up to the top af Mt. Santubong (840m)

!! click to enlarge !!If you plan to climb Mt. Santubong, the best time to start is in the early morning. In the afternoon the peak might become cloudy. The climb is really steep, especially when it is nearer to the top. In the beginning the path will lead you through the secondary rainforest; almost all the time you will be walking under the shade of the trees. You will need approximately 3-4 hours to reach the summit and around 2 hours to descend.

Please note: The mountain is not that easy to climb. Many people give up half way, every year there are cases where people got stranded and had to be rescued by helicopter. If you find it very challenging to climb to the summit, you may opt for easier jungle treks around the mountain first (see map).

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east site south site hard climbing face on the top
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view to Bako view to kuching view to wetlands viev to kubah
What to bring for the trip: How to get there
  • Good walking boots (no sandals)
  • Warmer cloth, its fresh up there
  • 2 bottle of water per person
  • Torchlight and batteries
  • Medical aid, mosquito repellent
  • Celcom net is available
  • Around 45 min north of Kuching
  • Near Damai Beach Resort
  • Go by the local bus to Santubong Village or by Taxi
  • City-Damai Shuttle from holiday inn
  • Ask Eric to bring you there
  • Hitchhiking back is easy.
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