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Wind Cave, Fairy Cave and Cave Expeditions

The Wind Cave and the Fairy Cave are a really nice day trip from Kuching. They are not that huge than the caves in Niah and Mulu but here your dont need a guide and you can explore the caves on your own. Both caves are near to the city "Bau".

The Wind Cave (Gua Angin) open until 4:30 pm
If you follow the road to Bau you get to a junction just before the small city. Turn right and after 3 km there is a small street coming up on the right which leads to the Wind Cave. The entrance fee is 5 RM and in the cave are proper nice boadwalks. There are thousands of bats and swiftlets. If you turn right after around 50 m on the boadwalk you will reach a platform and find a narrow path behind on the left which leads up to beautiful chambers with swiftlet nests and bats hanging around - very nice for fotos. Don´t be afraid, there is no possibility to get lost, its always very easy to find the way out again - just follow the signs on the walls. The other parts of the cave are quite developed and easy to access. In the middle is a little river which leads through all the cave into the Bau River.

After enjoing the cave you can walk to the end of the road and take a refreshing bath with the locals in the clean Bau River. If you walk/swim 100 m upstream you can find the place where the small river runs out of the cave. Be very careful upriver while swimming in the deeper parts. There are huge stones and tree trunks under water and better don´t jump like the young local may do.

The Fairy Cave (Gua Kapor) The gate will be closed after 5-6 pm
The Fairy Cave is around 6 km further on the right on the same road after the Wind Cave. Follow the small paved road to the end. There you see a tower with steps which lead to the entrance of the cave. The cave is huge and impressive. In the part behind is a boardwalk on the right side which will lead you all the way through the dark part. In the end you find some ladders. Here you can leave the cave to a platform surrounded by rainforest. You can walk up to the summit of that mountain (45 min one way), but you need enough water and good shoes. The path up is quite steep and leads through beautiful jungle. Inside the cave are no possibilities to get lost. You can walk wherever you want. There are lots of bats, small swiftlets, cave frogs, strange cave insects, cave crabs, Cave Scorpion and the harmless Snake - the Green Cave Racer.

If you have any wishes for something- the fairy Cave might be the right place to leave them for fullfillment - that what the locals say.

Picture Gallery - Please click to enlarge!
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Near F. Cave Fairy C. entrance Inside main hall Fairy Cave
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Fairy C. main hall Fairy Cave Fairy Cave Fairy Cave  inside
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Fairy C. inside Summit of Fairy C. Wind C. Boadwalk  
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Swiftlet Swiftlet nest small swiftlets
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Wind C. Chambers Thousands of Bats
 in the Wind cave
Bau River/Wind C.
What to bring for the trip: How to get there
  • Walking boots or sport shoes
  • Food and enough water
  • Swimsuit (river in wind cave)
  • Torchlights and enough batteries
  • Medical aid, mosquito repellent
  • Mobile Net is available
  • 1hr (45 km) SW of Kuching
  • Ask Eric to bring you there by car
  • Rent a car to go there
  • It is possible but takes a long journey by the local bus.
  • There are no facilities to stay.

New: Real cave expeditions (fully daytrips) It is very important that you are in a good health condition and sporty enough to join theese trips.

There are regulary caving trips to some of the 200 caves in this area. Some caves are huge, with birdnests areay inside, waterfalls, ponds and rivers, deep valleys, unbelievable nice chambres and expressing colors and shapes. This trips are not that easy to walk and somehow like real expeditions deep into the earth, the full equipment like helmets, ropes, lights and also food will be provided and the transport will be organized too.

The trips are organized by an English who explored already hundreds of caves around Kuching. The fairview management can organize a booking for you. These trips are one of the really exiting adventures you will never ever forget.

And you will become very dirty and probably wet and sulky too! We will take fotos for your memory and finish the day with a cold beer! This is for sure!

Picture Gallery of Cave Expeditions - Please click to enlarge!
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